Beginners are welcome to start anytime

The central mystery of Aikido is that total calmness can be far more effective than meeting force with force. Many martial arts seek to block a strike and respond with an equivalent strike. Aikido seeks the opposite. The main idea is to stay calm and flow with the energy of the situation. Aikido training helps you find a calm centre and from this point to blend with an attack in order to bring it to a safe conclusion.

The founder of Aikido, Master Ueshiba, said that this form was “The Art of Peace”, with the whole idea being to return all situations to a state of harmony. Aikido is now used in conflict resolution work all over the world.

Come and try Aikido at Broken Head Hall.

Aikido suits all ages and fitness levels.

Who can start training:
Adults classes can be joined by anybody from the age of 12yrs to 120yrs, no particular level of fitness is necessary since you will train to your own capacity. Fitness will surely increase as your training progresses.

Children’s classes can be joined from the age of 7 – 11 yrs.

When can you start training:
Generally you are welcome to start your training at any time of the year, beginners will be introduced to aikido on an individual basis for the first few lessons.

What to wear:
Please wear any comfortable clothes to start with and as you continue to enjoy training you may want to purchase a training uniform (gi) at the dojo.

For details please contact

Michael Williams –  0449 820 980
Elisabeth Andel –  0403 350 844
or Joanne Martin –  0409 604 650 (children – aikikids).